LUE by Jean Seo - ERASE Natural Exfoliating Gommage – Lue by Jean Seo
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LOVE this stuff!! Erase my flaws...

I use this gentle exfoliator almost daily by adding it to my cleanser! Of course, I love that I can do the mask and just rub to erase my flaws too! Thank you so much for the gentle exfoliator that my skin just craves.

Big fan of this stuff

Calms my red skin and exfoliates dead skin nicely - found this at Walmart and will continue to purchase online. I also love that it has a short list of ingredients that I can understand!

Angela Abad
It’s the only one I use

I received it as a gift about 3-4 years ago and I fell in love immediately and it’s the only exfoliator I use, it’s gentle but powerful at the same time. I used to have so much redness but that’s in the past since I started using this product.

Samantha Wheat
My GO-TO Forever

I first received this product in a FabFitFun box in 2020. Now it is my secret to brighter, smoother skin and more refined pores.
Smells like OATMEAL, literally, LOVE IT. One of the best things about this product is it super easy to use. My current routine is to put it on my skin in the morning right before jumping in the shower.

Candace McCall
Finally found the perfect exfoliator

I received a sample of Erase from a friend and loved it ever since! My skin is very sensitive and this us so gentle I can use it when it's irritated. It leaves my skin exfoliated and feeling soft & fresh- there is a visible difference!