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LUE by Jean Seo was founded with a passionate, relentless spirit to heal the world from toxic skincare and to provide the best ingredients and results.

Jean Seo, a Korean American holding a Master's in Library Science from UCLA, has devoted herself to uncovering the finest ingredients and creating effective skincare formulas. The absence of organic, natural, and clean beauty movements in 2007, led her to research the ingredients prevalent in conventional beauty products. She discovered that harsh elements were causing inflammation, irritation, redness, dryness, and acne, particularly in people with sensitive skin. Jean saw a pressing need for change and, that year, opened the first eco-chic beauty boutique, quickly amassing a cult following.

Inspired to create more effective, natural products, in 2015, Jean unveiled Evolué, an anti-aging skincare line developed with insights from her discerning celebrity clientele.

One day, a young girl visited Jean’s Beverly Hills store, promptly exiting with the words, "stores like this make me feel so ugly." The incident left Jean with a sleepless night and she realized that girl’s underlying struggle was affordability.

Jean’s resolute belief: high-quality, organic skincare should be universally accessible, not a privilege of the wealthy.

Driven by this belief, Jean introduced Lue by Jean Seo in 2016. This affordable, organic skincare range was her response to the necessity of making premium organic skincare available to all.

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“I have followed my heart, never settled, and created the luxurious skincare line that you deserve. Remember, this may be the only life you live. Never compromise."

- Jean Seo