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Some people are more prone than others to have dry skin, especially on their face. Luckily, there are many products and tricks to relieve it. If you’re unsure if your skin is dry, you’ll definitely want to read these signs.


Signs you have dry skin 

1. A sensation of tightness in the skin 

2. Skin that looks and feels dry or hard 

3. Mild to severe skin peeling, causing an ash-gray appearance

4. Fine lines or cracks 

5. Deep cracks that could bleed 

causes of dry skin hand 

Do you need to visit your doctor? 

If you’ve got one of these signs or more, don’t worry. In most cases, skin responds well to skin care products and changes in your lifestyle. However, we recommend you to visit your dermatologist if: 

  • After the use of skin care products, the symptoms persist. 
  • Your skin begins to hurt or becomes inflamed. 
  • Your condition bothers you so much that you have trouble sleeping or are distracted from your daily routine. 
  • You have large areas of scaly or peeling skin.

Causes of dry skin 

  • Age - As you age, your pores naturally produce less oil, making you more likely to develop dry skin. 
  • Medical history - Dry skin can be caused by different medical conditions, including eczema, dermatitis, and hypothyroidism. 
  • Season - Dry skin is more common during fall and winter when humidity levels are low, and temperature is low. 
  • Bathing habits - No more long hot baths. If you take baths frequently and like scalding hot water, this could be causing your dry skin.  

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