Why You Still Need To Wear Sunscreen In The Winter – Lue by Jean Seo
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Many of us relate sunscreen with beaches, long summer days, and holidays. But how about during winter?  

Experts have said it tirelessly, we need to use sunscreen THE WHOLE YEAR. Yes, even during cold, winter days. 

How to protect your skin from the sun during winter 

As we all know, during winter months we are exposed to the sun’s rays to a lesser extent, primarily due to the clothing that covers most of our body and because we carry out fewer outdoor activities. 

However, this does not mean you can just skip the “apply sunscreen” step from your everyday skincare routine. 

Dermatologists insist on protecting the areas of the body that are most exposed and therefore, more susceptible to the effects of solar radiation such as the hands, face, or neck. 


Why do we need sun protection in winter? 

Protecting your skin from solar radiation during these couple of cold months is essential. It will not only protect you against serious ailments such as skin cancer, but it will also prevent premature aging of your skin. 


  • Remember that clouds will not stop UV rays from reaching your skin
  • Winter clothes will filter these UV rays 
  • When you’re exposed to snow, it reflects 80-85% of solar radiation 
  • Cold weather, humidity, and changes in temperature affect your skin 
  • Don’t forget to protect the skin from your lips and head too!

What kind of sun protection do you need in winter?

Considering that the characteristics of the sun’s rays change from one season to another, the type of protection and sun protection factor must also be modified. 

Experts and dermatologists suggest that people that spend most of their day indoors need a moisturizer followed by sunscreen with at least SPF 15 in its composition. However, in other situations such as outdoor workouts, work, or get-togethers this protection should be increased to a minimum of SPF 30. 

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Featured image by Becca Tapert